Canadian Mortgages Inc. (CMI) is an Ontario based Mortgage Investment Corporation that allows investors to invest in a pool of well analyzed and diversified mortgages and loans, with a target annual return of 8-9% net to our investors. Our fund invests primarily into first and second mortgages on residential properties located in major urban centers in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

CMI MIC was founded by the owners of Canadian Mortgages Inc. and Canadian Lending Inc., firms which have specialized in private mortgages for over 10 years. Over the past three years CMI has helped its investors purchase in excess of $75,000,000 in private mortgage investments in strong, stable urban centers across Canada.


Enjoy Simplicity & Stability

CMI MIC endevours to provide a low volatility, income driven investment opportunity. Our firm’s investments in mortgages have been carefully selected to provide attractive returns while aiming to mitigate risk in developing a diversified mortgage investment portfolio. For information on direct mortgage investing, please visit us at www.canadianlending.ca

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Who is CMI MIC

The CMI MIC focuses its lending strategy on finding borrowers with the ability to repay their debts, secured by residential real estate in Canada. Investor funds are incorporated in a pool of mortgaged-backed securities and provided to end-borrowers. Each investment is secured by way of shares in a tightly regulated pool of funds, which entitles investors to a share of regular monthly payments proportional to their contribution to the MIC.

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How a MIC works

The CMI MIC investment process is designed to be simple and effective, allowing investors to access the private mortgage marketplace on a passive investment basis. Shares in the CMI MIC are offered by way of offering memorandum, through Waverly Financial, the CMI MIC's Exempt Market Dealer. Funds may be invested on a personal cash or corporate basis, or personal registered funds by way of Olympia Trust.

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The CMI MIC Team

Bryan Jaskolka

Managing Partner / Key Approval Officer / Owner

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Alan Jaskolka

Owner / Credit Committee Member

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Teresa Johnson

Director of Investor Relations

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