The CMI MIC mortgage portfolio invests in funds in a broad mix of low, medium, and high yield 1st and 2nd mortgages secured primarily by residential properties, with the occasional commercial or construction loan. The CMI MIC is a Class “A” pure-play investment portfolio designed to maximize returns on private mortgage investments in stable markets across Canada.

CMI Participating Class “A” Shares
Investors may subscribe for CMI Participating Class “A” Shares possessing the following features:

Dividend Yield
The shares are intended to achieve an annual return of 8-9%.

  • Dividend Payment
    Dividends are remitted monthly. Dividends are payable in cash monthly.
  • Redemption
    A Class “A” Preferred Share that has been issued and outstanding for at least 24 months may be redeemed by the Corporation on the Redemption Date next following the date which is 90 days after receipt by the Corporation of the Redemption Request. Please refer to details under FAQ.

Funds may be invested as:

  • Registered Funds
  • Cash Investments (Personal)
  • Cash Investments (Corporate)

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