At Canadian Mortgages Inc., our investment philosophy is based on a ground-up approach to developing high quality mortgage investments that provide investors with higher yields and better performance than the broader financial markets. This is accomplished through a diligent risk management strategy designed to minimize exposure to high-risk mortgages.

The CMI MIC has a mandate to obtain a healthy return for its investors while focusing on a preservation of capital as an over-riding principle at all times. While doing so, CMI MIC also maintains a positive and healthy relationship with its borrowers by ensuring that the loans it acquires have a positive benefit for the borrowers, ensuring positive relationships with all parties in order to help facilitate mutual benefit. This investment strategy has been proven to yield consistent returns while protecting against unwanted risks – an important consideration in today’s highly volatile financial market.

The CMI MIC protects against risks by concentrating on stable, high-growth and recession resistant real estate markets across Canada, maintaining a diversified pool of mortgages with no single loan exceeding more than 10% of the book value and limiting investments to low-risk mortgages with average LTV ratios targeted at 75%.

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