Stable returns, with reduced risk and lower correlation to traditional stocks and bonds. That’s the major motivation behind investing in private mortgages, which have long been a favored investment vehicle of discerning high net worth investors seeking similar or better returns than the stock market.

Based on our whole loan mortgage purchase program, where we have helped investors acquire approxiately $100 million in mortgage investments over the past 3 years alone, our experience tells us that mortgages as an investment are generally high yielding, predictable and secure investments with lower price volatity than some other asset classes.

Since the inception of CMI’s private mortgage investing program in 2012, our organization has been consistently providing attractive returns. Through diversification, prudent underwriting guidelines and significant experience in the mortgage market, the Canadian Mortgages Inc. group of companies have carved out a solid reputation in the private mortgage industry.

We are pleased to now bring that same experience and success to the investors of our Mortgage Investment Corporation, CMI MIC. One of the main advantages of the MIC as opposed to directly investing into private mortgages, is that your capital is always working as opposed to waiting for the next investment opportunity, and there is reduced monthly variability in the income stream while taking advantage of a larger, diversified portfolio vs. what most investors are able to achieve with individual private mortgages. Our goal is to allow our investors to enjoy the benefits of a more passive investment approach and a greater degree of diversification within the alternative investment space.

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